Top 8 No Fuss Hairstyles For Swimmers

In this blog we will discuss the top 8 no fuss hairstyles for swimmers that are perfect for swimmers and loungers who are spending the day by the water. If you are spending the day lounging by the pool or the beach, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair.


Regardless if you are actively swimming in the water or simply sticking your toes in, your hair will get wet at some point.


There are so many styling options to dabble in, from loose waves to tight braids! It is important to note that your hair will not remain perfect after a day in the water. The goal is maintaining your healthy hair, while looking fabulous, without taking too much of your time. 


1. Basic Ponytail


Hairstyles For Swimmers Ponytail


The ponytail is a classic look ranging from a high pony to a low pony. If you are running short on time, this look is perfect for any occasion!


With this look, the most important step that makes it beneficial if you are entering the water is that the hair is up and off of the neck. Keeping your hair from your neck will provide less heat and make you feel cooler while in the sun. 


2. Fishtail Braid


Going for a more boho look? The fishtail braid is not your frenemy! This braid looks way more complicated than it actually is.


Once you get the hang of it, this style is perfect for a day spent cruising the waves and will most likely stay in place for hours, even after you leave.


If you are more of a lounger and anticipate laying out more than being in the water, make the braid a little looser than normal. 


3. French Braid


Top Hairstyles For Swimmers French Braid


Feeling flirty? Try out the French braid! This braid keeps all of your flyaways in check and holds your hair tight in place.


French braids are a fan favorite because they prevent breakage, locks in moisture and leaves your hair wavy after you release the braid. 


4. Braided Bun


Want something a little more conservative? The braided bun is perfect for anyone of all ages!


This look is ultimately taking the braided ponytail one step further! Once your pony is braided, wrap it in a bun and secure it with pins. This hairstyle completely tucks all your hair away, which means your entire neck will be cool throughout the day.


Another fun fact about this style is that once you are done swimming, you will have less tangles! 


5. Messy Bun


Everyone has attempted a cute messy bun at least once in their life. This style is perfect if you are going for a more relaxed look, or if you simply aren’t the braider! This hairstyle is supposed to be messy so after a full day by the water, no one will be able to tell the difference. 


Everyone has different hair textures and these looks may not look the same on each person.


Read on to learn about more no fuss hairstyles for swimmers!



More No Fuss Hairstyles For Swimmers


African American hair is different from other ethnicities because it requires an extensive styling process once wet. For example, prior to the pool or beach it is recommended that you wet your hair thoroughly; this will help combat the chlorinated or salt water.


You should also apply a heavy oil and leave-in conditioner to your hair. If you have 4C hair, we suggest dabbling in the below protective styles. 


Below are some more no fuss hairstyles for swimmers.


6. Cornrows


no fuss hairstyles for swimmers cornrows


Cornrows can be used for more than just a solid foundation underneath extensions. These braids are terrific because they stay in place and can be worn for several days without having to redo them. Another benefit from this style is that you can wash your hair after you swim and the braids will hold completely in place. 


7. Twist Braid Bun


This bun is different from the styles we mentioned earlier because in this case we are dealing with black hair. If you have your hair natural, the twist bun is the ideal bun to do. Once you twist your hair, you simply tie it in a bun and hold it together using bobby pins. The only products you need are the hair tie and the pins! 


8. Wrap


Thinking ahead? If you aren’t too concerned with how you look during the day, you will thank yourself later by wrapping your hair prior to entering the water. This will preserve the style you currently have and keep most of the water out when you’re wearing a swimming cap!


Once you are done swimming, wearing a wrap + a swim cap will make it easier to brush your hair down. To wrap your hair, make sure your hair is completely wet and begin brushing it around in a clockwise motion. Spray on some wrap spray or slick it down with hair lotion and finish the look by placing the swim cap on after!


Here at InstaSwim, we want all of our swimmers to be safe around the water, and practicing good hygiene is super important! We hope you enjoyed this blog about the top 8 no fuss hairstyles for swimmers!