Triathlon Swimming Technique – 5 Ways to Improve Your Swimming Technique for Triathlon

Triathlon Swimming Technique

The most challenging part for the participants in the triathlon is swimming. Swimming is undoubtedly the toughest and the most irritating of the sports when it comes to Triathlon. The Triathlon’s swimming leg may prove to be among the most difficult for many. But, choosing the appropriate triathlon swimming technique can improve your performance and boost your endurance. In contrast to swimming in a peaceful pool, the majority of triathlons are held in open water with a large number of swimmers. This is why the triathlon swimming techniques you use are so crucial during a triathlon.


Here are the top 5 suggestions for enhancing triathlon swimming technique is as follows:


The head position must be correct


The first thing you need to consider in the triathlon swimming technique is to propel yourself in the forward directionwhich means the primary goal of swimming is to move ahead with every action. You should be making every effort that drags the water that assists you in maintaining the high level of buoyancy possible.


Thus, it should be necessary for you to start by looking up a little bit and maintain your forehead towards the surface water instead of starting intently straight down. Thus, you must keep practicing this to keep your head up, which is the most effective way to improve your triathlon swimming. By using a snorkel, you can accomplish this and log considerable distance while becoming accustomed to keeping your head in that posture.


Syncing Your Legs and Arms


Poor swimmers frequently have trouble coordinating their legs and arms. As you move forward towards your strokes, your leg should be working away behind you, just like an outboard motor that should not happen, while remaining out of the way to avoid interfering with the movement.


In the triathlon swimming technique, the area that needs emphasis to enhance your performance is the sequence of your legs. You may also attempt exercises like super slow catch-up, where you maintain a steady rhythm with your legs and squeeze your arms around that, as they will be helpful. However, practice and kicking drills are what will benefit you.


Improve your Catch


When your palm goes into the water during the catching phase of the strokes, you should feel confident in your ability to push yourself forward. Most athletes begin their catching stage exceptionally late, so by the moment their palm acquires a good feeling for the water, their hand is already roughly halfway through the strokes.


There are two most appropriate drills available that can enhance your catch which are a doggy paddle and another one is head-up polo stroke. In this triathlon swimming technique, you just need to fix your elbow right or straight away, and instead of your shoulder; you need to bring your back muscles.


Building a Solid Core


Another aspect that will assist you with your swimming, bicycle, and running triathlon swimming technique is core work, which should become a regular part of your weekly training regimen. In consideration of swimming, it will enhance the positioning of your body in the pool and provide a stable base from which you may draw firmly on the water without losing your technique.


Although it may be done anywhere at any time, it is most potent right before a swimming workout if you’re considering having triathlon swimming technique. Your core can be strengthened through a wide range of exercises that would be a fantastic method to build muscle.


Strengthen your stamina 


In the following triathlon swimming technique, for most of the participants, the technique frequently deteriorates as we struggle to maintain pace in the water and grow tired. Strengthen your stamina in the exercise as one approach to avoid that. To a limited extent, swimming can be replaced by working out in the gym, although it may take quite a bit of swimming to develop enough strength to prevent your arms from becoming so tired.


Squeezing, lateral pull-downs, weight lifting, and pulling exercises using cord strength exercises are the greatest workouts you should follow to strengthen your stamina. Hopefully, you have learned all the best swim technique for triathlon, and you’ll discover that you can swim faster for longer while keeping your form. Still, you need more assistance to improve your swimming? Get in touch with InstaSwim today