What Is the Best Age to Start Swimming Lessons?

What Is The Best Age To Start Swimming Lessons

Are infants capable of swimming? If you are a parent who wants to teach their children how to swim, that can be an important question. You need to know these things to determine what is the best age to start swimming lessons. 


The American Association of Pediatric used to have a clear stance against those videos. The AAP’s stance on the matter was that there isn’t any scientific research that proves, without any doubt, that infants are able to swim.


That’s understandable though, it would be weird if we funded a bunch of scientists to throw infants in a swimming pool for the sake of science. The AAP stated that children under 4 shouldn’t be allowed to take swimming lessons.


That is an opinion that the AAP has now redacted. To see what is the best age to start swim lessons, let’s see what’s the modern stance of the AAP, and other respected and trusted institutes.


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Experts on What Is the Best age to Start Swimming Lessons


The modern stance of the AAP is that children aged 1 to 4 should receive swimming lessons. Of course it is mandatory that these lessons are taken with an adult present and are monitored for safety at all times. The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agrees with the AAP that the best age to start swimming lessons is from 1 to 4 years old. 


Since two of the most trusted health institutions of the US are recommending that the correct age to start swimming lessons is somewhere between 1 to 4, how do you choose as a parent? Considering the fact that swimming accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries for infants and toddlers, we would recommend that you start as early as possible.


What is the best age to start swimming lessons, is an easy answer in a population scope. However if you go to individual cases, with a personal scope, and ask what is the best age?


Then the answer should also be based on some individual factors. As a parent, after your child turns one, you will know when the right time is to start swimming lessons.


You are now equipped with the facts surrounding this issue. The goal here was to make your decision easier. Now that you know what the best age to start swimming lessons is, it will be easier to know when to register your child for lessons with InstaSwim!