What’s A Good Diet For My Toddler?

What's A Good Diet For My Toddler


Arguably the sweetest time a child goes through are the toddler years. The first tooth, the first word… So many memories that as a parent you’re going to cherish for the rest of your life. It is also in these beautiful and sweet years that a child goes through a lot of processes that prepare them for life. In this blog, we will discuss what a good diet for my toddler might look like.


Keeping your toddler healthy and happy is very important. A good diet for toddlers is the greatest tool a parent has to ensure that the growing of their child takes a healthy and right path. So what’s a good diet for my toddler? 


Well to answer that we need to have an understanding of the needs of a toddler. In the years 1 to 3, your child will need all the possible nutrients on earth. From vitamins all the way down to even sugar from time to time.


A healthy diet for toddlers is a diverse and balanced diet. What you should do is provide your toddler with all the necessary nutrients, while not going overboard. To find the balance needed allow me to walk you through some of the main foods that your toddler will need.



Healthy Toddler Diet


Proteins for your little bodybuilder


You probably know by now that most bodybuilders eat huge amounts of proteins. This is because our body uses proteins to build tissue, bones and everything else. Protein rich foods are a must have for a great diet for toddlers. Things like meat, eggs, nuts and fish are very rich with protein and are the perfect thing for your toddler. 



Dairy products and in a toddlers diet


Dairy products are a great source of calcium. Considering that our bones need this calcium to exist, it becomes clear that including dairy products on the diet for your toddler is a good idea. 2 cups of milk per day should be good enough.


Something to keep in mind is that you should avoid letting your toddler consume too much dairy products. This can lead to actual healthy complications such as anemia. So be cautious and pretty much never give more than two cups per day. 



Healthy Meal For Toddlers


A fruity diet for toddlers


I think it is safe to say that you can never go wrong with fruits and with vegetables. However when it comes to a diet for toddlers, what are the best fruits to include? Basically all of them. As we already mentioned this is a very active time for the human body, and different activities require different nutrients. Vitamin C from an orange, protein from a banana, and so on…



Foods a diet for toddlers should never have 


There are some foods that you should avoid ever giving to your toddler. Most of the time it is foods that you are told you shouldn’t eat yourself either. Think fast food, sugary drinks, and such… These contain huge amounts of sugar and concentrated fats.


These are things that a toddler doesn’t need. You neither! You also have foods that are dangerous not because of their content but because of their shape. Peanuts are known to cause choke hazards. So try to avoid them.


There wasn’t much advice regarding size in this post. Most experts agree that the amount of daily calories for a toddler is 1000-1400. To choose the perfectly right amount, it is best to base your decision on the activities and growth that your toddler goes through. 


Parents Feeding Child


Human beings have a great hunger detection system, it is effective and on, even during our toddler years. So listen and your toddlers will tell you when they’ve had enough or when they need more. It is more likely that you will end up feeding your toddler too much rather than too little. This isn’t always the case, but it is something to keep in mind. 


One last issue you might have, could be that some toddlers are stubborn and refuse to eat their diet. It is okay… Never push them too hard. All you have to do is keep trying. 


I tried to mention some of the main things that a diet for toddlers should include. It is always a great idea to talk with your pediatrician about such things too. These things apply to all of us, but if your toddler is in need of something extra or different, your pediatrician will tell you and you can then implement it in the diet for your toddler.


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