Why Private At Home Swim Lessons Are Important During COVID-19

why private at home swim lessons are important this summer due to COVID-19

Why private swim lessons are more beneficial than ever this summer :


Keeping your child active


We all know that being quarantined isn’t easy-especially on a child. With our children having so much energy, and having most extra-curricular activities on hold during the pandemic-it can be stressful to both parents and children combined with having minimal activity to keep busy.


With utilizing at home private swim lessons, this will keep your child active this summer.


Continued progression and instruction


If you had previously had your child enrolled in group swim lessons in the past and they are currently not being held due to COVID-19, you don’t want to lose the progression your child has made.

With at home private swim lessons, your child can not only continue their instruction and progression-but excel at a faster rate due to the one on one attention.

Down time for parents


We know that COVID-19 hasn’t been easy on parents as most are trying to juggle working from home, while playing teacher for their children to ensure they stay on top of school. There isn’t much down time for parents in this quarantine being on 24/7.


With at home private swim lessons, you have access to certified professional instructors that can take your child off of your hands for a few hours-in the safety of your own home.


Keep the Summer fun in the sun


No summer camp? No sports activities? No problem! With at home private swim lessons, keep your child excited and motivated to have something to look forward to this summer.


With at home private swim lessons, our certified professional swim instructors make the experience in the pool fun for your child with multiple games and activities while simultaneously acting as an instructor.


Ensuring your family safe and healthy


Last but not least, our main priority as a country during this ongoing pandemic is to keep our family safe and healthy. With at home private swim lessons, you do not risk coming in contact with groups of people at the beach or swimming pools this summer.


Our certified professional instructors are tested regularly, and will practice safety precautions while effectively teaching your child.