5 Reasons Why Private At Home Swim Lessons Are Better

5 reasons why private at home swim lessons are better

Most people believe the key to fast swimming is your technique and training. But what most don’t know is that taking private at home swim lessons can notably improve your ability to learn to swim faster.


Popular to contrary belief, taking one on one private home swim lessons can help you swim faster as opposed to taking group swim classes.



Here’s 5 Reasons Why Private At Home Swim Lessons Are Better




 1. Comfortable Learning Environment


One of the first reasons why learning to swim in a private setting can allow you to swim faster, is the ability to work in your own environment.


When you are learning in your own environment you are happier, more comfortable, and less stressed.


Why take group lessons when you can take private lessons in your element? InstaSwim offers private one on one lessons either at your home, or at your community pool.



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2. Personal Attention


Many people thrive from being the center of attention, especially children.


When you are taking private swim lessons, you will receive both positive and negative feedback from your instructor, which will have a considerable impact on the learning process.


One on one sessions allow the private instructor to address you directly as opposed to not receiving the attention you would ultimately need in a group setting.


Constructive criticism is imperative and exclusive, personal attention will encourage and motivate a new swimmer to push themselves to excel from day one.


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3. Quick Progression


When you are learning to swim through private instruction, you are receiving focused attention.


In one on one lessons, your instructor is modifying your techniques by tailoring your drills and pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses much faster than they could in a group training session.


It is important for swimmers who want to learn to swim faster to know what they need to work on sooner than later. With multiple people to teach at once, there is only so much one instructor can observe on their own. 


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4. No distractions


In any capacity, learning with a private instructor has been proven to be more beneficial take tutoring for example.


When your instructor has the ability to give you their complete, undivided attention, both parties are able to establish trust and comfort faster than they’d be able to in a group lesson.


Once trust is established, your confidence level will rise, causing you to push yourself to higher extremes.


One on one swim lessons are taught to teach more than the basis of swimming and are guaranteed to maximize your potential as an individual swimmer. 


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5. Tailored Lesson Plans


One on one private swim lessons allow instructors to meet the needs of every single individual regardless of age, skill, and special needs students.


Every student is different and has distinctive ways of learning.


Our private swim instructors at InstaSwim are all CPR and first-aid certified, and we offer personalized, custom lesson plans which certainly put the learner at ease so that they can learn at their own pace and provide the best at home swim lessons.


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Fear is the biggest roadblock while learning how to swim. One on one sessions with an InstaSwim instructor will have you confident and eager to put your suit on. At InstaSwim, it is our goal to make sure our students are the utmost comfortable when getting in the water.


If you want to make improvements on your form or your swim time, private at home swim lessons are definitely the way to go!